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tvrtok, 28 februr 2008

1 Wire panel welding machine
CNC multi-point resistant welding machine GAO 516/06-12-20, from the company IDEAL Germany, is dedicated for production of wiremesh and flat panel wire products
It is characterized by high productivity and working speed. The Important advantage of the machine is the possibility of welding meshs on wired frames (parts, so called gitterboxes)
Relatively quick machine setting ensures high flexibility so it is convenient also for smaller series.


Technical parameters
mesh width min/max270 - 1600 mm
mesh length min/max300 - 3000 mm
wire diameter3 - 10 mm
min. gap between longtid wires30 mm
min. gap between lateral wires15 mm

in bright wire, galvanized wire, or Galfan


2. 3D wire bending machine
The BEGE company owns two CNC 3D wire bending machines from the Macsoft Numalliance France

The machines are dedicated for space spacial wire bending. They are characterized by high productivity and very high programing of the machine ensures quick delivery terms also for small series

Technical parameters
min. wire diameter3 mm
max. wire diameter10 mm


3. Wire straightening and cutting


Wire straightening machine RAVNI serves for wire straightening and cutting from rolls. Length tolerance +/- 0.5 mm

Technical parameters
min. wire diameter2,5 mm
max. wire diameter10 mm
min. straightened wire length50 mm
max. straightened wire length4000 mm

4. Laser cutting

2D laser STX 48MK2 1,8 kW from the company MAZAK, Japan, serves for various shapes cutting and engraving of steel and stainless steel
Due to high products precision and cuts quality next treatment is not necessary

Technical parameters
working area1250x2500 mm
max. material thickness of construction steel – 15 mm
max.thickness of stainless steel – 6 mm


5. Plates bending


The BEGE company has 3 CNC pressbrakes with power from 40 tons to 200 tons
The smaller presses are able to bend plates up to 2000 mm width , 200 tons one up to 3000 mm



6.CO2 welding robots


Welding is the main part of our production. We have 20 welding workstations supplemented with 2 weldingrobot workstations from Panassonic and ABB.





7. Profiles cutting


CNC sawing line for tubes and profiles from the CONNI company, Italy, serves for cutting tube in 90° till 45° in lengths from 20 till 3000 mm
The machine can be loaded with whole packages into the stack and is fitted for serial production. Pivoted circular allows cutting under angles up to  45°.


8. Metal surface treatment
The BEGE Company dispose with the technology for metal surface processing by electrostatic powder coating
The line coats epoxy, polyester and Rilsan in all the RAL colors
The ferit-fosfat pre-processing ensures perfect powder adhesion.


Technical parameters
paintshop width750 mm
paintshop height1600 mm
paintshop length3000 mm

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Our priority is customers satisfaction with our products.The high quality products and increasing labour productivity are ensured by modern technological equipment. Our experienced and highly qualified worker using up-to-date machinery guarantee our customers full satisfaction and success.

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